Purple Magazine knows how to turn up the heat. With it’s daring blend of sex and fashion Oliver Zahm’s biannual takes the connection between the seductive and the sartorial to dizzying new heights. This time around Zahm enlists photographer Katja Rahlwes to find the darker side of lavish jewelry. The Guy Bourdin meets Terry Richardson editorial takes Hilary Rhoda, the normally patrician face of Estée Lauder and gives her an air of danger – sharp knives and suggestive bananas ensue. The true marker of Rahlwes’ work is of course her mastery of the extreme close up – she takes us right down into the pores of her subjects and finds what lies beneath the skin. In the case of Miss Rhoda, Katja unleashes a hidden vixen – never before has Hilary looked so tempting or so lethal.