Ask Stefano Pilati what he thinks about something and he is liable to tell you. In two revealing (yet disparate) interviews this month (The New York Times and Interview magazine, respectively) the designer shares his feelings on topics as varied as fashion, philosophy, sex, drugs, politics and of course Yves. Whether one finds such candor refreshing or revolting Pilati is an almost unparalleled source of sound-bytes. No designer since Karl Lagerfeld has been so infinitely quotable. Pilati chooses his words carefully, even if his affectations don’t always come across as intended. In the spirit of his loquacious demeanor and knack for wordplay we present the portable Pilati – the ten best bits from both interviews. Think of it as the Tao of Stefano.

On His Method:

After all I am doing this to talk to you, to seduce you, to make you feel what is on the one hand my personal projection of myself and on the other my visual aesthetic sensibility about looking at you.

On Beauty:
“Its situational, subjective and irrational.”

Pilati on Pilati:
“I see myself as the vehicle rather than the protagonist.”

On Handbags:
“I do not get this naming of bags. Customers seem to like to ask for bags by name, but I don’t really like to name my bags — they are not children or pets.”

On Sexuality:
“I always wonder why 99 percent of the top male fashion designers are homosexual. In my case, I would say that my sexuality has led me to love women to death and to hate them as well. This is the engine for my creativity.”

On the Red Carpet:

“If an actress wears your dress, customers will call the day after to get that dress. That one dress may give popularity to the brand, but is it popularity you look for? I’m not sure. I think I’d rather have loyalty.”

On Consumerism:

“Today ideologies have been replaced by trends; our reality is based on consumerism and marketing and merchandising – a calculated takeover.”

On Fashion:
“Fashion could be more relevant. It needs to be understood rather than just consumed.”

On Women:
“How beautiful is it to see the breast or the derrière moving on the street? We are all seduced by the blue of the sky and the red of the flower, why not the behind of a woman? It’s just a beautiful part of nature.”

On Style:
“If you ask me how I think people should dress today I would answer. In anti-germ, SPF protective gear! But in reality I engage in my society willingly and deeply so I have to set aside my romanticism, my cruelty and my cynicism.”