With eco-consciouness on everyone’s mind and organic living becoming de rigueur natural materials are increasingly prevalent in fashion. One designer who has always been on the forefront of all things natural is Stella McCartney. Famous for ditching leather and exploring the best in Scottish wools, the highlights McCartney’s fall accessories line rely on touches of oak and birch.

Playing with the hard and soft balance, McCartney paired the lightest in gauzy silks with wooden and metal accessories. The juxtaposition provided some of the most interesting touches within the entire collection. Wooden heels on shoes may be commonplace but the almost corseted wooden belt and lunchpail-esque handbags were something to behold – the look was both amusingly impractical and decadently eye-catching. With a slew fall items currently it stores the wooden pieces seem like a smart and unique investment. Something this original never goes out of style.