The ongoing dialogue between politics and art has always been a particularly lively exchange. With the historic U.S. presidential election looming in the distance it’s especially fascinating to see the ways in which artists choose to represent the mood of the current political climate. The Wolfsonian Gallery’s Thoughts on Democracy exhibit is an engrossing event – regardless of who one is voting for. The show – based on Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms” war bonds posters – asks contemporary artists to put their own spin on the eternal ideals Rockwell depicted so memorably. With leading talent like the Knopf legend Chip Kidd, 21_21 Design Sight‘s Taku Satou and Brooklyn’s own Kind Company at the helm, the works are a thought provoking and visually invigorating collection. Not to mention a must see for any and all political junkies and/or graphic design aficionados.

For a fashionable touch, Queen of Prep Kate Spade lends her hand to a series of playful buttons made just for the project. At less than two bucks a pop they’re an affordable non-partisan means of getting ones message across.