While editorials draw inspiration from a variety of sources there is more than often a great deal of overlap. Certain subjects are more prevalent than others – they serve as the basis for numerous stories or are so iconic that one can’t help but think of them – whenever a certain series of references comes up their name is the first called to mind.

Its no wonder that with the recent spate of editorials featuring black models that one the most legendary black faces within fashion is referenced time and time again. Grace Jones with her unmistakably extreme look is a constant source of fashion inspiration. Half the editorials Sessilee Lopez has done give a nod – whether intentional or not – to Grace’s trademark look and the Jean-Paul Goude photos that immortalized it. While the narrow templates provided for depictions of black models often allow only for a series of repetitive portrayals – editorials based on Grace can provide – depending on the model – an outlet for unforeseen creativity. Take the case of the preternaturally girlish Chanel Iman who turned it up to 11 to portray a sleek neo grace for Vogue Italia.