Sunglasses are a hard sell. Finding the right frame can be an adventure in and of itself. The same pair that looks incredible on one person (or better yet, in one editorial) can look entirely off on another. While there are a few fail safe options – classic Wayfarers and the tried and true aviators among them – most of the time its touch and go. Striking a balance between being original and fitting the contours of one’s face can be quite the task.

Thankfully Karen Walker makes the pursuit just a little easier. With her collection of playfully kooky sunglasses Walker raises the bar for creativity. These aren’t your every day shades – most are witty distortions of familiar shapes. The aforementioned Wayfarer is blown up, stretched out, twisted and curved into fascinating results. Odd touches like bright blue clear plastics and tortoise shell so huge it resembles leopard spots are added for an even more intriguing effect. These glasses aren’t for anyone who wishes to be incognito but for those not seeking refuge from the paparazzi Walker’s brand of eccentricity is just right.