A good magazine is hard to find. Take a trip to any newsstand or smoke shop and you’re bound to be daunted by the array of options presented. Newer titles can be especially hard to navigate. One knows just what to expect from mainstays like Vogue or Numero but the young upstart glossies can run the gamut from brilliant to redundant. How many Nylon-lite hipster rags can there possibly be? The answer is, quite a few.

Just on its 3rd issue the Material Girl stands out from the crowd. A sister publication to the dynamic Indie magazine, it is just cheeky as its pop star namesake though not nearly as scandalous. The pictures lean towards the girlish – soft colors and even softer focus photography dominate, but this isn’t just Lula 2.0. There is an irreverence that runs through the entire magazine – from the oddball editorial titles, to the unique styling. One gets the feeling that there is something new and vital waiting to be discovered with in each issue. From models whose names aren’t yet etched in our consciousness to up and coming image makers, each issue of the quarterly provide something worth memorizing. In the Fall/Winter edition we are introduced to beguiling newcomer Nyok, as well as the engaging work of photographer Jolijn Snijders.