There are dozens of models whose looks can be accurately described by the term “cute”. Ever since Gemma, Heather, Stam, Lily, et al. stepped onto the scene we’ve seen girl after girl with bright eyes and guileless faces. The look registers as alien or doll-like depending on who you ask but the twee factor remains. No matter how grown up the dolls try to be they are forever linked to their roots as super kawaii poster children for the millennial fascination with the childlike.

Viktoriya Sasonkina fits the cute bill. Her saucer shaped eyes and pert mouth are not unlike those of a Blythe doll and she carries herself with the lighthearted cheerfulness befitting a young girl on the rise. While her natural sweetness is endearing its her prowess in front of the camera that has heads turning. Whether she’s posing for Meisel (check her dazzling turn in the mass transit chic Alberta Ferretti ads) or giving her all to photogs backstage in candids, she is on fire. The right look can get you started but it’s talent that keeps the momentum going.