The buzz surrounding Topshop’s arrival in New York has reached nearly deafening levels. Not since the now ubiquitous H&M landed on American soil has a single store been so blatantly thrust upon the populace. Though everyone is excited for the prospect of yet another affordable option for trend conscious threads there is some uncertainty as to whether the UK chain will be as popular on Broadway as it is on the high streets. While only time will tell what Topshop’s fate in the US will be the selection showcased in it’s fall collection displays promise.

When crafting a mass market mix of looks inspired by the runways the trick lies in imitating the right labels. There are hints of Miu Miu in the harlequin printed dresses – some of which ape the tutu style of the Spring collection exactly. A black patent trench mirrors the now famous Alaia worn by Carine Roitfeld without being too redundant. There are also references to just about every designer who favors the offbeat – from the Luella wannabe plaid miniskirts to the Margiela-esque oversized printed tees. Every trend one could possibly hope for is front and center in this collection albeit with less zest (and fabric quality) than found in the originals.

Overt trendiness can sometimes be too much of a good thing and the wrong pairing of items could easily result in fashion victimhood. The styling on a few of the looks presented treads into that murky territory but these are merely unpleasant detours on an otherwise scenic route. Topshop has done its homework – the majority of it’s disposable chic pieces would fit perfectly into any fashionable wardrobe.