Atmosphere is 50 percent of the shopping experience. Sifting through designer goods in an airline hanger or warehouse can be a compelling exercise in the name of a good bargain but when you’re paying full price one wants to be as visually stimulated as humanly possible. The retail experience is just as important as the purchases themselves and an intriguingly designed store something one remembers long after they’ve shelved their seasonal wardrobe investments.

Design companies like Tokyo’s Wonderwall, understand the importance of innovation in store design. Their projects exhibit an artistry that enlivens all the spaces they work with – whether the client is BAPE, Hysteric Glamour, A.P.C. or the decidedly less hip Dean and Deluca. The mixture of patterns and textures in the new BAPE Harajuku are especially inspiring – blue graphite camouflage paired with blue mosaic tile should not work but it does. The cartoonish nature of Nigo’s prints juxtaposed with the clean chrome ambiance of the space makes for an appealingly unruly environment.