There are models and then there are icons – the first name only, known to all definers of a generation. Women who rise above the crowd and become something more than just a familiar face. Before we had the irrepressible supermodels of the early 90s there were quite a few stunners worthy of the title. Women like Verushka, Penelope Tree and Twiggy, each of whom broke the conventional mold and turned the industry on its head long before Linda Evangelista could walk let alone strut.

The equally legendary David Bailey, has shot a special portfolio of these venerable faces for Vanity Fair and it goes to show you how some things are timeless. Bailey himself has pulled off quite the feat – staying relevant for nearly fifty years, shooting not just mannequins but rock stars, statesmen and just about anyone else who piqued his interest. There is a reason whole Antonioni films are based (however loosely) on his exploits.

If only VF had pushed the concept just a little further and taken the time to shoot this generation’s exciting models. Kate Moss is included but there are a few more current girls right on the cusp of becoming phenomenons.