There are shoes and then there are personal statements worn as footwear – Prada specializes in the latter. While the F/W collection focused on an almost subversive application of transparency and lace, the corresponding shoes are something altogether different. Though they rely on the same intelligent eroticism that permeates the entire collection they are not typically “sexy” shoes. There is no revealing toe cleavage or towering stiletto but there is carnality. The combination of nearly hidden flesh tone straps and unyielding arched heels calls to mind something sinister without delving into a literal bondage reference. Too many have already conquered that territory and if we can expect one thing from Miuccia Prada it’s unorthodoxy.

Instead of the everyday pump were given shoes with wings and ruffles that curve like blades – little sculptures attached to vamps and heels. These touches are beautiful, whether the shoes lean towards being art deco or abstract. The sheer variety presented has to be marveled at – even the plainer styles have special additions like oddly curved heels or beaded detailing. For anyone in search of a shoe that starts a conversation (or ends it for that matter) there is something to offbeat to be found.