Austerity is a rare quality. There are very few models whose features capture the solemn coldness of the austere and even fewer who can channel such emotion for dramatic effect – Adrian Bosch manages both. Blessed with a penetrating blue stare and the kind of hollow cheekbones Egon Schiele immortalized in gouache, Bosch is a haunting beauty rather than a conventional one. It’s no wonder Hedi Slimane handpicked him to headline a Dior Homme campaign back in S/S 07 – the Bosche look is completely in line with the suave punk minimalism favored by the former designer.

Time has passed since that fateful season and in the interim Adrian has blossomed into something more than another of Hedi’s boys. Gone are the gimmicky bowl haircut and awkward gait – in their place are finesse and the polish that comes with experience. Designers have been clamoring for Mr. Bosch’s chilly poise – he made a clean sweep of the Spring menswear shows and has landed alongside Snejana Onopka (that other icy paragon) in the new Hugo Boss campaign – just goes to show you that a little cool goes a long way.