Blue eyeshadow is the unrivaled harlot of the cosmetics counter – it has a bad reputation and deservedly so. There is something about a wash of indigo across the eyelids that pushes the boundaries of good taste and subsequently calls to mind either drag performers or John Waters protagonists. Not that either role is bad per se – it just takes a certain extroverted flair to pull the look off properly. Not to mention a deft hand and a willingness to just say no. Going overboard is easy with such bold color and too much of a good thing can easily look clownish.

With all the reasons not to experiment with shades of cyan there remains one unwavering factor behind exploring such chancy territory. When done right a pale blue eye can look impossibly cool. Take the impeccable look of Proneza Schouler F/W 08 – a smoky shimmering pale blue paired with a nearly bare face. While not everyone has Dick Page at their beck and call each time they apply their makeup it is simple to add a little rockstar into the mix with a shot of sapphire.