Pictures are worth a thousand words a pop but sometimes pen, pencil and Adobe Illustrator are just as powerful tools as a stunning model and seasoned photographer. At times a novel illustration can convey the ever evolving mood of fashion even better than even the most painstakingly manipulated photograph. No matter how far artisans like Mert and Marcus push the visual improbability factor there are still boundaries within photography – illustration shatters all such concerns with its commitment to the surreal.

The illusory is a contributing factor in the art of Laura Laine. Her perfectly rendered drawings of otherworldly young women encapsulate the current fashion obsession with all things ethereal. The sleek pictures of Edward Gorey meets Egon Schiele girls with flowing hair and sullen expressions call to mind a slew of the more eclectic catwalkers. Hints of Iekeliene Stange and her ilk can be found in the exaggerated rawboned features of Laine’s heroines.

More than just conjuring mental images of favorite models Laine’s work also serves to present things we probably would not see elsewhere. Her drawings allow for a series of intriguing oddities – hair bleeding out into watery ink stains, bodyparts connected into sprawling letters and perhaps most tellingly – Balenciaga styled with something other than Balenciaga.