As The Dark Knight sets off to break every imaginable box office record this weekend there is little chance of escaping the film or the almost omnipresent hype that surrounds it. Questions abound – is it better than the last installment? Will Heath Ledger win an Oscar? And of course the now compulsory “Why so serious?”

With such a gargantuan film its best to focus on the little things – the devil is of course in the details. The Armani suits Christian Bale wears throughout the film are nothing short of impeccable. Clad in sharp pinstripes and fine tailoring Bale cuts quite the impressive figure – even without the molded plastic of the Batsuit. The film’s costume designer Lindy Hemmings, collaborated with Armani on a series of looks for Wayne’s off duty scenes. The suits and tuxedos are flashy enough that one notices their presence yet subtle enough to blend into the gritty hyperrealism of Nolan’s Gotham City.

While elegant costuming is generally not the primary reason cinéastes flock to summer blockbusters it certainly doesn’t hurt that Bale looks every bit the pampered billionaire when he’s not fighting crime.