It girls are a dime a dozen. The term is as laughable as it is laudable. Every actress / singer / model with a modicum of taste has at one point or another been labeled “it” and with so many lovelies baring the monosyllabic title it almost ceases to have meaning, particularly when it pertains to fashion. With most on the red carpet wearing professionally styled creations often devoid of personal input its hard to separate the truly fashionable from those simply in the possession of a great team.

Every once and a while though there comes a girl whose manner of dress lacks the schooled touch of a stylist – whether or not one was actually involved. Elettra Rossellini, daughter of Isabella, face of Lancome and sometime actress/model is one such girl. She fits all the it girl prerequisites – beauty, grace, semi-questionable fame and an enviable wardrobe. Her knack for wearing odd prints and quirky colors makes her outfits seem casual rather than carefully orchestrated.

As the close friend and muse to designer Chris Benz she carries off his hip polychromatic designs with aplomb. Ever since she set foot on the red carpet for the Costume Institute Gala in Benz’s unique patchwork goddess gown I’ve been personally hooked on her idiosyncratic style.

With a familiar last name and a newly raised profile (check out her editorials / profiles in this month’s Vogue China and Italian Elle) Rossellini can expect the familiar pratfalls of public life any minute now. It girl status is often quickly followed by backlash – just ask Sienna Miller. In the interim period between notereity and the dreaded fame we can enjoy her fresh red carpet pinache. Note the incredibly vibrant colors. Lately its felt like almost every other starlet is wearing black and doing their best Vogue Paris editor impression so color is quite the welcome change.