As artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, have always presented their work in a manner that is both arresting and distinctive. While many designers rely on visual drama when displaying their clothing few create such intelligent spectacles. Who can forget the time they turned Maggie Rizer into a matryoshka doll or the perilous assembly line used in their Fall 07 lineup? Whatever the duo does they do it with a certain witty flair. In an industry that often prizes profit over imagination Viktor and Rolf provide a unique and necessary source of constant originality.

Given their own sense of uncompromising artistry its only fitting that yet another museum should choose to focus on their years of innovation. The Barbican exhibition has been widely publicized due to both its famous subjects and the inventive manner in which the clothes themselves are presented – intricate dolls take the place of mannequins and they wear custom miniature versions V&R’s iconic creations. The whimsical figurines do not serve to diminish the grandiosity of the works presented – instead they add another layer of surreality and interest to the already engaging designs.

For V&R’s own thoughts on the exhibition and those wonderful dolls see their write up on T Style.