There are moments wherein I swear Harper’s Bazaar is attempting to insult my intelligence. As a fan of the Liz Tilberis era and Kate Betts’ sleek, avant-gardist makeover of the magazine in the early 00s the current Glenda Bailey incarnation of Bazaar often feels a touch too gimmicky. The tongue in cheek publication’s willingness to take the road less traveled has provided some classic fashion editorials – who can forget The Simpson’s go to Paris? Or the witty send up of New York’s recent gubernatorial scandal? Humor is something that fashion could use more of and nice every once and awhile not to take things too seriously.

However, there have been moments when the joke is on Bazaar. The last few reality TV editorials have been rather dismal – particularly this month’s Dancing with the Stars themed story featuring Jessica Biel. The gag was already tired by the time they had gotten to American Idol back in November. What’s next, Flavor of Love? Sometimes its better to leave the comedy to the comedians. The best and brightest editorial in the August issue is the one where things are the simplest. You take three of the hottest blue chip girls of the moment – Ali Stephens, Anna Jagodzinska and Aline Weber, respectively and let Brana Wolf style them into oblivion. There’s nothing particularly amusing about the edit but its chock full of the hottest pieces for fall and that’s no joke.