Its easy to like Jenni Kayne, the irreverent L.A. based designer is winsome, effortlessly cute and makes clothes for girls who are hip without being hipsters. The laid back and oh so Cali vibe of Kayne’s clothing is addictive, particularly for a certain breed of urbane young women not unlike the designer herself.

The Kayne resort collection was presented in two forms – a simple set of studio portraits and a more ambitious group of photographs set against the idyllic backdrop of the California coast. As perfect as the surf and sand look (you can almost smell the saltwater in these shots) they almost overshadow the straightforwardness of the clothes. The main success (and primary failure) of the Kayne resort collection is its focus on basics. There is a certain fail safe quality to each look – you can’t go wrong with a draping black silk top or a floral babydoll – these are items every girl should have in her closet and quite possibly already does.

As palatable as every piece is the overall style is too plain. Minimalism is not Kayne’s mainstay and the unadorned looks lack a certain sense of identity usually found in her work. The baggy grey tank and shorts combination called to mind Alexander Wang, while the black blazer and strappy sandals duo was very Stella McCartney. With the exception of the floral maxi dresses and the scarf belted trench very few items conveyed any unique signature.

From a designer noted for having a distinctive viewpoint the Kayne resort offerings were fairly underwhelming . A few choice elements here and there but for the most part the same easy basics one could find from a number of labels within the same price point. That said as the months pass and these pieces (and their inevitable H&M / Zara knockoffs) filter down into stores everyone you know will be wearing them.