Daphne Guinness is one of the great love her or hate her figures of the current fashion circuit. With her Cruella De Ville hair and couture daywear she is a living caricature. No one since the irrepressible Isabella Blow has caused such consistent stir over their outfits. Though she claims to ‘hate talking about fashion’ the very idea of such a thing requires almost complete suspension of disbelief. Whether or not she wishes to pontificate on the subject its clear she lives and breathes the stuff. Other people merely wear McQueen or Chanel but Guinness lives in them – tackling the most unorthordox pieces and turning them into a second skin.

Of course when you are blessed with extreme wealth, an iconic last name and an enviable circle of connections its a bit easier to adapt the cultivated eccentricity fashion prizes above all things. In the latest VF Daphne moves from muse to designer outlining her plans for the future – including a CDG fragrance and namesake shirt collection. Will the items be on par with the couture treasures in Daphne’s closet? Probably not but perhaps they’ll be infused with a little bit of the maverick Guinness charm.