The it bag is dead. In this age of skyrocketing prices for gas, food and living one can’t afford to waste time with disposable accessories. Whatever you invest in it has to last more than a season. Better yet it has to last forever – which means no dangling padlocks, industrial strength chains or any other additional ornamentation that will move from trendy to tragic within the span of six months.

One designer who has realized this need for bags that cross the seasons is Stefano Pilati of YSL. Under his direction the company has produced some of the most memorable and successful bags of the past few years – in part because the purses themselves aren’t tied to any one trend. Handbags like the ever present Muse, Besace or Catwalk look as cool today as they did when they were released because they manage to be both attractive and functional.

The latest arresting creation from YSL is the Totem bag – its structured yet slouchy shape and decadent materials (croc, ostrich, patent leather) are sure to turn a few heads and in a year or two when the bag is nicely worn in its sure to turn even more. The pricetag may be hefty but this is one piece that is sure to stand the test of time.