With her curved lips and aquiline features Georgina Stojiljković, was the bell of the couture ball. From closing some of the biggest shows – Valentino, Dior – to appearing in the exquisite Atelier Versace lookbook Georgina maintained the fullest dancecard of the season. There wasn’t a single noteworthy catwalk this Serbian stunner didn’t glide her sylphlike limbs down and looking at her its easy to see why.

Amidst widespread complaints about single note runways that display eeriely similar faces Georgina’s beauty serves as a welcome respite. The dramatic strength of her features calls to mind both the works of the classic Italian masters and the abstractions of cubism. Her face is artwork, it inspires the same fierce debate and varied response that a particularly challenging painting would – some adore it, others can’t quite comprehend it but everyone stands three paces back and contemplates the view.