Its difficult to display jewelry in a way that isn’t ostentatious. Jewels are by their very nature representations of luxury – they radiate extravagance. A glittering rock on a well manicured finger is the ultimate in useless beauty and in this blinged out era of over-sized carats jewels are often shown as status symbols.

In Kimiko Yoshida’s Que Suis Je? jewels are taken to another level. The theme is bridal but there is no solitaire on a ring finger – instead diamonds are used as abstract headdresses and veils. The pictures tackle various eras and artistic styles – from the work of Rubens to the Beijing Opera. Each picture represents a metamorphosis, taking the same model and rendering her nearly unrecognizable using only makeup and jewels. Vogue Gioiello is always pushing what can be done with bits and baubles but this editorial stands out to me as something special. The ‘Bride With A Crown of Thorns and a Cross’ picture is especially stunning.