As AMC’s Mad Men enters into its second season it does so with fanfare and wit. The stylish nature of the show itself sets the stage for creative promotion. Take Advertising Age‘s retro inspired recreation of the early 1960s style for its Mad Men profile. The design and tongue in cheek articles are nothing short of inspired. For anyone who loves the graphic design and typography of the Kennedy era this supplement is a must see.

Never one to be outdone, The New York Times provided its own behind the scenes look into the treasure trove of Mad Men‘s style complete with juicy hints at next seasons events. Particularly interesting are the vintage props and behind the scenes shots presented in their slideshow.

The racks of retro clothing and accessories are enough to entice even the most unshakable modernist and the inspiration boards are just as good as any one sees backstage. For more old-school eye candy check the AMC galleries themselves. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to crawl headfirst into Joan Holloway’s closet of tight shifts and pencil skirts. Unless they favor the more modest route and would rather raid Peggy Olsen’s.