Beauty is a matter of preference, what catches the eye depends highly on personal taste. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of male modeling where two opposing looks compete for attention. On the one hand you have the sylphlike androgynes of the still loitering Hedi for Dior Homme look. On the other you have the uber-masculine mans men with their Petitjean pre-Prada beards and six pack abs. Fashion relies on extremes and the line between your Cole Mohrs and your David Gandys has been drawn in the sand.

That said, compromise can be a wonderful thing. With his bookish good looks and slender frame Vincent LaCrocq would look at home on any catwalk – he strikes the perfect balance between the dueling aesthetics. The impish air LaCrocq brings to his work imbues him with enough boyish charm to appeal to the youth obsessed but his natural je nais sais quoi and elegance prevents him from ever seeming juvenille. This ability to cross borders garnered him a full ticket this menswear season with appearances at every show from Vuitton to Givenchy.