Though fashion imagery is fueled by and intrinsically linked to constructs of femininity the majority of its creators are male. Read through the photography credits of most publications and you will invariably spot a pattern – with the exception of a few male/female dynamic duos and iconic industry presences like Corrine Day and Camilla Akrans, female fashion photographers are are rare breed.

Which is why its so rewarding to chart the success of Emma Summerton, an Australian photographer and i-D/Vogue UK regular who is becoming one of the leading female voices within fashion photography.

Summerton’s images are dreamy and richly saturated with tricks of light and perspective. The realities she creates are heightened and ethereal – porelessly perfect young gamines with insouciant gazes and impeccable wardrobes. The pictures would be fascinating regardless of who took them but there is a special pleasure in seeing the fashion myths as told by someone who knows they are just that.

Lily Donaldson by Emma Summerton for Vogue UK