Sesselie Lopez
Speaking of girls having a moment, Sessilee Lopez is on fire. With all the pre-release talk of the coveted Vogue Italia July cover leaning strongly in the direction of one highly hyped Ms. Sosa-Pena it was an absolute delight to see Sessilee on the cover instead. Not that Arlenis isn’t a stunning success story in her own right (can’t wait to see her pictures within) but Sessilee’s presence was unexpected and utterly perfect. Her graceful feline looks and captivating stare add elegance to a project whose artistic merits are seemingly overshadowed by the surrounding controversy. Beauty is beauty – regardless of color and Sessilee’s pictures speak for themselves. The fact that she was picked – along with the epic Jourdan Dunn – to represent the new generation of black faces within fashion speaks to her talent and versatility as a model.