Carolina Herrera Chic for Men , bottle design by Fabien Baron

Carolina Herrera Chic for Men – design & bottle | Fabien Baron

Great design is often marked by its invisibility rather than its presence. Certain items weave their way so seamlessly into our lives that it is easy to forget that someone had a hand in creating them. Often its difficult to even picture the process from sketch to sample to sculpture when you see the final product in all its beauty. I’ve always admired the simple and elegant creations that spring forth from Baron and Baron for just that reason – as lovely as the packaging they produce is there is always an air of a priori effortlessness to the design. Unlike the ornately beautiful Lalique creations of yesteryear or even the heavy bauble-esque perfume bottles that came with the heady fragrances of the 80, Baron designs are always sleek and functional.

Given the sense of ease they project its quite nice to see the work behind them as evidenced in the numerous patents the company files and the corresponding images. It puts the long hours and sleepless nights that went into all those attractive bottles on your dresser into perspective.