Mint Green Suits & Floral Pants

There is a fine line between kitsch and crap. Frida Giannini knows this – Gucci under her reign has treaded this slippery slope with varying degrees of success. While womenswear can provide an outlet for even the most flamboyant flights of fancy its a bit harder to get away with such frippery when it comes to menswear. Under Frida’s direction the Gucci menswear collection has become a mismatch of color and print – which is fine, if you like that sort of thing. I am certain there are many men with more than ample room in their closets for one of Giannini’s mint green slimcut suits.

Gucci\'s Kitschy Florals

However, there is of course that almost imperceptable line and this season Frida has crossed it left and right. Hawaiian print applique has its place – its just not on the body of any self respecting male. Neon logo-ridden manpurses are another huge don’t and while I could forgive the floral print white pants as an ironic take on spring’s omnipresent prints I can’t forgive them being paired with those Texan sized pastel belt buckles and snakeskin jackets. I didn’t think anyone could make snakeskin louder than Cavalli but apparently I was wrong.

Credit of course has to be given to Frida for the intricate floral prints themselves – I actually find them quite lovely. If only they were put to good use on a keychain or kerchief.